About Us and Our History

Gary and Lora Polson

Gary and Lora Polson

We (Gary and Lora Polson) live in Stillwater Oklahoma and operate Polson Enterprises. I (Gary) come from a long line of ancestors in this region and am a many generation Oklahoman, while Lora was born in the west.

Lora is a BIC (that’s clerk speak for lifetime member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and serves as one of the building cleaning coordinators for our stake center. She works full time for Oklahoma State University, home of the Cowboys.

I was a convert to the Church and currently serve as a stake financial clerk, and am self-employed in a number of ventures including:

  • Strength Tech, Inc. where we manufacture and sell a unique barbell collar I invented, plus we sell some weight lifting accessories to prisons.
  • Polson Enterprises where I am a technical, market, and patent research consultant, and webmaster numerous sites, including MormonWordles.com, an LDS word art site.

I am also an advocate for boat propeller safety.

Both sets of our parents are aging and we try to assist them as we can. Altogether, like most LDS families, we stay pretty busy.

My ability to reduce complex situations to charts that make concepts easier to understand has led us on many adventures. Over the years I have created hundreds of charts. Many of them have some sort of ties to LDS themes ranging from scriptures, to families, to genealogy, to the trek west, LDS church clerk training aids and tools, and more. Lora has been very active in guiding and encouraging their design. We will be illustrating several of them here.