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A branch of our family was aware their family had been members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a long time, but were not aware that any of their ancestors had actually came west as part of the Mormon Trail (1846-1868). Looking on one day, we noticed a lady in their ancestry, Carmellia Mariah Burgess, was born in 1844 in Nauvoo Illinois. We began to wonder if this young girl made the journey on the Mormon Trail and what had become of her.

As we began to explore her life, and that of her parents, William Burgess Jr. and Mariah Pulsipher, we began to learn that not only had Carmellia made the journey, so had her parents, and all four of her grandparents (William Burgess Sr., Violate Stockwell, Zera Pulsipher, and Mary Ann Brown).

The Mormon Trail Genealogy Chart is below, followed by information about how we created it. Click on the Genealogy Chart to view a much larger pdf version. Read More→

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The information below is being presented as an example of how you might be able to create genealogy charts of families related to yours that may help you overcome roadblocks in your own direct line genealogy research. Studying allied families that seem to move around with, live nearby, or intermarry with yours can provide clues to your own family’s heritage. Read More→

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