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Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart – Vertical format

The Book of Mormon really comes to life as you better understand the relationships of all the people mentioned in it. Our Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart is the result of several years of study and work. We hope you enjoy it.

View Full Size Book of Mormon Chart in Vertical Format

You can DOWNLOAD the chart by right clicking the link above

Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart partial

Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart partial

We especially welcome those studying the Book of Mormon in Come Follow Me this year and hope the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart enhances their study. Seminary teachers and students may also find the chart helpful.

The Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart is a pdf download that is easily viewed on tablets, portables or desktops. It looks really nice on larger monitors.

Terms of use Electronic Version – You are welcome to download a copy of the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart for your personal use or for use in instructing classes, as long as you do not alter the chart. The chart is not to be sold or altered in any way. It is not to be redistributed in any format.

We have proof read the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart many times and suspect any remaining errors lie in not listing some names in exactly the first book they occur, missing some unnamed sons and unnamed daughters. If you notice any errors, please call them to our attention via the comments below or the Contact Us tab above.

We used A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon Comprising Its Biographical, Geographical and Other Proper Names by Elder George Reynolds and James E. Talmage to make the final decision decision between someone being a child of or a descendant of an individual if it was not obvious to us from reading the Book of Mormon.

Please let us know in the comments below or by email if you like the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart or have comments, suggestions, or corrections.

Now Also Available in a Horizontal Format for Wall Mounting

This same chart is also available in a horizontal format that is easier to view on the wall.

The vertical version is best viewed on electronic devices or projected on a screen.

Want to Print the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart?

Some have asked about how to print a copy of the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart. The vertical chart is so large (approximately 2 feet wide by 4 feet tall, actual final size is 24 inches by 49 inches) that if you print it off on a sheet of 8.5 X 11 inch paper, the text is far too small to read.

Before you print a copy at a copy shop, please be aware the chart is so tall (about 2 feet wide and 4 feet tall) that it is hard to conveniently read on the wall.

This “vertical” version can be printed by “copy shops”. For example, you can download the pdf file to a USB drive or CD and carry it to a copy shop to be printed. Here in Stillwater Oklahoma, we use Federal Express / Kinkos. Our local FedEx Office (Kinkos) prints it for something in the neighborhood of $10 in black and white. Ask your local copy shop for a price. Just be sure to ask for Black and White. If they print it in color, it will be very expensive. You can tape the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart to a piece of cardboard and lean it up against something to view, or just fold it up like a road map. If you are really interested in tacking it to a wall, or framing it, we suggest you consider the “horizontal” version. It is easier to read at eye level.

You can cut a piece of cardboard to a size a little larger than the poster and just tape the poster to the chart. You can use a carpet knife or utility knife to cut the cardboard along with a long straight edge. Use extreme care when cutting cardboard with a utility knife. It is very easy to cut or even amputate your fingers.

Terms of Use Printed Version – You are welcome to print a copy of the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart for your personal use or for use in instructing classes, as long as you do not alter the chart. The chart is not to be printed for resale or distribution.

How the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart Was Created

For those who may be interested in how we created the chart, please see Behind the Scenes:Creating the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart.


  1. Thanks for the share!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I teach Gospel Doctrine and I am so excited to show this chart!

  3. Have you released the revised size yet?
    Would like to get a print for my dad for fathers day!

  4. Thanks to several of our readers who helped spot some of our typos and other minor errors, the chart is becoming more stable. We are finally ready to get more serious about transitioning to an alternate more horizontal format. We have delayed because it is very difficult to make corrections to two different similar charts (vertical version for computer use, horizontal version for wall mount) and keep them in parallel.

    I am not sure about Fathers Day, but hope we can get there over the next few months which should get us there in that time frame.

    At the moment we anticipating letting people print their own at a local copy shop if they wish, as well as offering printed versions for sale thru our Mormon Charts store on Zazzle.


    • Stephanie Cramer

      I don’t see a place on the chart where Moroni is listed as Mormon’s son in the end of Mormon. Is that a mistake?

  5. Hey! I have one of these charts tucked into the back of my Book of Mormon. I found it on another site a few months ago. It’s really helpful, because you are able to see how each figure relates to each other and such. It can really help clarify things when you’re in the thick of the story and you’re not sure if you’re reading about Lamanites, Nephites or whatever-ites. I should take a look at it more often.

  6. What an awesome resource. Thank you.
    I was just reading 3 Nephi and thought how neat it would be to have the genealogy of the Book of Mormon to help me identify and relate the characters to each other the places and events of the Book of Mormon. So I google’d it as you do and kaboom…
    Thank you again

  7. Great resource. Thanks for all of your hard work…..and for sharing this resource.

  8. I’d love to have more printer friendly version. Thanks so much!! This is very helpful. And maybe include a highlight of who was in possession of the book?

    • Thanks for your input. There is so much data (so many people and relationships) I just cant envision a way of representing it on a single 8.5 X 11 piece of paper (or legal size paper). The descendancy lines make it difficult to print in a “tiled” format (print off lots of pages and tape them together). If anybody has any ideas about how to achieve this we would be glad to hear them.

      If we tried to reduce the width by making each section taller, the overall chart could be ten feet tall. As it is, at least in this region, individuals can download it, carry in the computer file, and print them off at a Kinko’s/FedEx for less than $10 in black and white.

      We are still focused on trying to cut chart in half vertically and move the bottom half over and up even with the top half in order to make it easier to view on the wall (more of it at eye level). Once we get that accomplished, we may offer the chart in printed format from one of the poster suppliers. Shipping and freight charges become an issue for single pieces, but that is true of similar products as well. One solution is to just view it on a computer with a large monitor, but that is not very portable, but the printed version is not very portable either (at least not when it is unfolded).

      As to identifying who was in possession of the book, others have done that. Our chart is vertical in order of the books which in not always in historical order. That could create some problems for showing the plates being passed from one person to the next. In general you would probably be better off with one of the existing charts (if you find one that is accurate). If you Google for Book of Mormon record keepers, and click on the image tab near the top, you can see some of the efforts by others in this area.

      However, we have also been considering colorizing our chart. If we do that, we might use a specific color to signify the record keepers. That would not specifically provide information on the order the records were passed, but it would ID the record keepers.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  9. Dear Chartman:

    Thank you so very much for this chart!

    I just found your genealogy chart and will be downloading it in great anticipation of its usefulness in my studies!

    I am a convert of 17 years. I’ve been constantly reading & listening to The Book of Mormon (I have couple of sets of the CDs), but still — even after all the aforementioned time — find the “information density” (…if that’s the most descriptive term…) daunting — to say the least! I suspect that one could fill a small library simply by “decompressing” (…w/o adding one’s own insights and inspirations…) the information in that slim volume!

    Consequently, anything that helps keep the information organized — such as the genealogy or the order of the Keepers — is of untold value to those of us still “wet-behind-the-ears” in our study of The Gospel!

    Again: Thank you so very much!


  10. If you print it out on 11×17 paper it looks great

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I wear several “hats” and have created some large posters in those worlds as well. I am continually kicking myself for not buying one or more of the 11X17 printers the local big box office supply store had on dirt cheap closeout pricing here several years ago. Guess its time to kick myself again.

  11. This is amazing, thank you for your hard work! Any luck in recreating a horizontal chart? I teach seminary and would love to have it on the wall as we study the Book of Mormon this year.

    • You are welcome. We are tied up with several projects in another area right now, but I will try to get over here soon and work on taking the chart horizontal in a few weeks. I did not realize it was the Seminary “book” this year. As a clerk I have been a recent observer of several discussions about the mechanics of getting seminary all fired up and going in our stake, but I hadn’t thought much about what was going to be taught this year.

  12. Your wall chart looks very professional.

  13. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing your hard work.

  14. Gwen Crockett

    Wonderful! Very nice chart.

  15. Rachael Elison

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together and share it here.

  16. I am amazed that such a chart like this exists. I am always wondering and searching who is who and when they lived in relations to other characters in the Book of Mormon. I would like this for my family and personal insights while studying the Book of Mormon. Is there any way I can run it off in sections so it is readable and then print it on my personal computer? I know it would be quite a few pages, but that’s OK. Thanks for any help you can give me. Sincerely, Pamela

    • You may be able to download the pdf of the vertical or horizontal format, then tell your printer not to scale the document or to print it at 100 percent. Sometimes printers will tile the document (break it into a bunch of pieces) then you could scotch tape it all together. I would suggest you download the document and carry or email it to Fed Ex Office or a similar printer and ask them to print it in black and white for you. Will likely cost something of the nature of $10. Ask them about what it will cost before they print it, plus make sure they do not print it in color which is much more expensive. Good luck.

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