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Mormon Wordles

Creating Wordles

Our Mormon Wordles are created from original LDS texts and the wordle tool at The process for creating wordles described below can be used to create wordles for any purpose, however we will explain it using the setting of making advanced wordles or enhanced wordles of LDS documents. Anyone can just grab some relevant […]

Wordle Viewing Tips

To get the most out of one of our Mormon Wordles, you need to be familiar with the original text before your view them. If its been a while since you read it, follow the link if we provide one, or you can find the original text for most of them in the Gospel Library […]

Hold on a Little Longer message by President Uchtorf wordle

Hold on a Little Longer President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Ensign First Presidency Message – January 2010 President Uchtdorf’s message was the first Mormon Wordle we created. I was fascinated by the display as I picked out the words of his message. He told us of the great blessings and of the great challenges of the […]

1st Nephi Chapter 1 wordles

One of the better known Chapters of the Book of Mormon due to its placement at the front, it is here that we first learn of Lehi, Sariah, and their son Nephi. They leave Jerusalem based on Lehi’s dream of its destruction. Before leaving, Lehi went forth among the people prophesying of the things he […]

Doctrine & Covenants Section 4 wordle

This well known D&C missionary section was given through the Prophet Joseph Smith to his father Joseph Smith, Sr. in 1829. Verses 1 and 4 really ring out with enthusiasm. Verse 1 – Now behold, a marvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men. Verse 4 – For behold, the field […]

Genesis Chapter 1 wordles

Genesis Chapter 1 In the beginning … This great bible chapter tells us of the creation of the earth, and of the creation of man, Adam and Eve. A similar account exists in Moses Chapter 2 in the Book of Mormon. We plan to wordle it in the future for comparison. I especially like the […]

Home Teaching Message wordles

Faithful Friends President Henry B. Eyring First Presidency Message – July 2010 President Eyring points out the Savior calls those who have been faithful in their service to him “friends” (D&C 84). We can become his friend by serving others. President Eyring tells us that over the next few days we will each have opportunities […]

A Poor Wayfairing Man of Grief – wordle of the hymn

“A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” is one of the great LDS hymns. I learned to play it on the piano many years ago when I was alone one holiday season. It was originally written as a seven stanza poem titled, “The Stranger and His Friend” in 1826 by James Montgomery. Per the Church News […]

More General Conference Talk Wordles

General Conference Closing Remarks – April 2010 Once again, President Monson gave us a great uplifting closing message along with some guidance. He thanked those who participated in the conference, said he had seldom heard so good of sermons with so few words, reminded us the messages would be reprinted in the May issues of […]

Phrases Used by Latter-day Saints to Describe Their Faith

Hundreds of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints responded to a question to list three words describing their faith as Latter-day Saints with phrases. We chart those phrases as a wordle to display their diversity.