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Hold on a Little Longer message by President Uchtorf wordle

Hold on a Little Longer
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Ensign First Presidency Message – January 2010

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

President Uchtdorf’s message was the first Mormon Wordle we created. I was fascinated by the display as I picked out the words of his message. He told us of the great blessings and of the great challenges of the Saints in Kirtland Ohio during the era of the dedication of the Kirtland Temple. Even those outside the temple saw and heard spiritual manifestations upon the Temple during the dedication.

A few months after the Kirtland Temple dedication the Saints faced widespread financial difficulties, persecution, an influx of immigrants with few possessions, and other hardships. Although they had just experienced tremendous spiritual blessings, some lost faith and drifted away.

President Uchtorf challenges us to be like the faithful Saints in Kirtland that held on to the Gospel. He urges us to “Hold on a little Longer”, to remember the Lord loves us, and that he will sustain us if we endure in faith to the end.

I thought it was a great message and an interesting departure from the traditional “Endure to the End” talk. If we keep “Holding on a Little Longer” we will endure to the end, but its a nice new take on an old, but very important message. For many Saints currently facing economic trials and other challenges, “Hold on a Little Longer” is a do-able, less overwhelming short term goal than “Enduring to the End”.

We Mormon Wordled his presentation and even used a piece of it as the header image of Mormon Wordles dot Com.

Hold-on-a-Little-Longer message wordle

Hold-on-a-Little-Longer message wordle

We took the same wordle we created earlier and post processed it some more to create an image with an ice sculpture feel we thought might appeal more to the western Saints. It also has a bit of a Temple feel about it.

Hold on a Little Longer message wordle - ice version

Hold on a Little Longer message wordle – ice version

Once again, we took our original Mormon Wordle of President Uchdorf’s great message about the Saints in Kirtland in which he inspired us to Hold on a Little Longer and post processed it. This time resulting in a wordle with a “license plate” feel to it. I guess we held on a little longer when we created this image (weak attempt at LDS humor).

Hold on a Little Longer message wordle - license plate version

Hold on a Little Longer message wordle – license plate version

The text and wordles above were originally on our Mormon Wordles dot Com site, but were moved here in early 2017.

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