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Wordle Viewing Tips

To get the most out of one of our Mormon Wordles, you need to be familiar with the original text before your view them. If its been a while since you read it, follow the link if we provide one, or you can find the original text for most of them in the Gospel Library on, or in your own scriptures.

At first just take in the artistic impression of the whole piece. The font size used for each word is dependent on their relative frequency (relative number of times they were used) in the text. Your eyes will be quickly drawn to the larger words which were emphasized by the author. Often there will be some words in larger fonts you do not recall being used that prominently. You might later ponder on those words and how they might enhance your understanding of the text.

Your eyes will then begin to run around the artwork to certain words. You will begin to recall their use in the original document. Now you will begin to see and form some associations between some of these words that may not have been apparent from your previous reading of the text. You will begin to recall certain passages or sections of the text dealing with those words or with words similar to them. Just enjoy the colors and the experience.

We are certainly not promoting any new doctrines based on word locations or associations formed by your use of Mormon Wordles, but they do allow us to explore and experience documents in a different way than just reading them. We see them somewhat as being a photograph of the words used by the author. Just as religious paintings help us explore scriptural events, Moron Wordles provide another means of experiencing the Book of Mormon, Bible, hymns, General Conference talks, the Family Proclamation, and other LDS documents.

We will be posting links to pdf (Adobe Acrobat) versions of some of our wordles. Once downloaded, they can be “Zoomed” similar to Google Earth and other mapping systems. It is almost as if they are a map of the talk. As you zoom into certain sections of the canvas even more associations and understandings will result.

To get the most out of your Mormon Wordle experience, we encourage you to re-read the original text after you view the wordle. We hope you gain some new insights from your experiences here, or from your own study of the text later.

Again, please note we are not promoting Mormon Wordles as your primary form of scripture study or as an alternative to any of your existing scripture study efforts. However, we do hope you find they provide not only another way to re-experience familiar LDS scriptures, hymns, and other LDS documents, but also a means to learn some new insights from our old friends.

We welcome your comments and tips about how to get the most out of Mormon Wordles or your experiences in viewing them.

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