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Google Ngram Viewer Charts Trends in Use of Mormon / LDS Terms, Words, Phrases, & Vocabulary

Mormon / LDS words, phrases, and vocabulary have entered the mainstream over time. Google Ngram allows charting the frequency of those words in books over time. The resulting plots provide insights into LDS history and culture.

Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman chart

Update – We provide this marriage symbol graphic in several other sizes and formats at Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman symbol vs. Marriage Equality symbol. We created this Marriage is Between a Man and A Woman chart a few years ago and thought everybody would “get it”, but instead most people do […] Launched !

We are happy to report the launch of late tonight, September 23, 2011. Its been a long time coming. Welcome and we hope you enjoy our site covering many charts, posters, and graphics with LDS themes, including our Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart.