The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Charts Launched !

We are happy to report the launch of late tonight, September 23, 2011. Its been a long time coming. Welcome and we hope you enjoy our site covering many charts, posters, and graphics with LDS themes, including our Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart.


  1. i don’t know if you’ve considered this, but I’ve always wanted to see a visual for the different cities and groups of people during the war chapters and their relative locations, the groups who traveled back and forth escaping/retaking/conquering etc.

    • Thanks for the comment. Several others have tried to create charts based on the groups of people and major events of the BOM as a timeline. Some have also tried to chart the relative locations of the people. Church leaders have encouraged us not to get too caught up in the “exact” geographic locations of these events. If you Google for Book of Mormon Timeline, then click on the “images” tab near the top left of the listing that Google provides, you will see images of several timeline efforts.

      Similarly, if you Google for Book of Mormon Geography, then click on the “images” tab, you will see some of the charts people have created trying to show relative geographical positions. As you begin to compare those results, you will see a wide range of interpretation of those relative locations is possible.

      Even within our Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart, its sometimes difficult to be sure we listed relationships properly (were they really a child of their father or a descendant a couple generations later?)

      But, yes, using some tools like you suggest together can help you better understand the context of what is going on and may lead to some more personal insights (personal revelation) that may have nothing to do with the Book (answers to your own specific problems and needs). I am certainly NOT saying you need these tools to achieve that, I just personally think the more ways and contexts we read, think of, ponder, and explore the scriptures the more ways we can learn.

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